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Journal Articles:


Dua, Kamal, Malyla, Vamshikrishna, Singhvi, Gautam, Wadhwa, Ridhima, Krishna, Rapalli Vamshi, Shukla, Shakti Dhar, Shastri, Madhur D.,Chellappan, Dinesh Kumar, Maurya, Pawan Kumar, Satija, Saurabh, Mehta, Meenu, Gulati, Monica, Hansbro, Nicole, Collet, Trudi, Awasthi, Rajendra,Gupta, Gaurav, Hsu, Alan, & Hansbro, Philip M. (2019) Increasing complexity and interactions of oxidative stress in chronic respiratory diseases: An emerging need for novel drug delivery systems. Chemico-Biological Interactions, 299, pp. 168-178.

Ng, Sin Wi, Chan, Yinghan, Chellapan, Dinesh Kumar, Madheswaran, Thiagarajan, Zeeshan, Farrukh, Chan, Yik Lung, Collet, Trudi, Gupta, Gaurav,Oliver, Brian G., Wark, Peter, Hansbro, Nicole, Hsu, Alan, Hansbro, Philip Michael, Dua, Kamal & Panneerselvam, Jithendra (2019) Molecular modulators of celastrol as the keystones for its diverse pharmacological activities. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 109, pp. 1785-1792.

Dua, Kamal, Gupta, Gaurav, Chellapan, Dinesh K., Bebawy, Mary, & Collet, Trudi (2018) Nanoparticle-based therapies as a modality in treating wounds and preventing biofilm [Letter to the editor]. Panminerva Medica: A Journal on Internal Medicine, 60(4), pp. 237-238. 


Wynwood, Sarah Jane, Graham, Glenn Charles, Weier, Steven Lance, Collet, Trudi Anne, McKay, David Brian, & Craig, Scott Benjamin (2014) Leptospirosis from water sources.Pathogens and Global Health, 108(7), pp. 334-338. 


Wynwood, S.J., Craig, S.B., Graham, G.C., Blair, B.R., Burns, M-A., Weier, S.L., Collet, T.A., & McKay, D.B. (2014) The emergence of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Arborea as the dominant infecting serovar following the summer of natural disasters in Queensland, Australia 2011. Tropical Biomedicine, 31(2), pp. 281-285. 


Craig, S.B., Collet, T.A., Wynwood, S.J., Smythe, L.D., Weier, S.L., & McKay, D.B. (2013) Neutrophil counts in leptospirosis patients infected with different serovars. Tropical Biomedicine, 30(4), pp. 579-583. 

Collet, Trudi, McNaughton, Tom, Walsh, Terence Patrick, Debattista, Joseph, & Timms, Peter (2011) Identification of novel markers for uncomplicated lower genital tract infections and upper genital tract pathology due to Chlamydia trachomatis. International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 15(3), pp. 1-10. 


Treloar, Susan, Zhao, Zhen Zhen, Collet, Trudi, Duffy, David, Wicks, Jacqueline, O'Connor, Daniel, et al. (2005) Association between polymorphisms in the progesterone receptor gene and endometriosis. Molecular Human Reproduction, 11(9), pp. 641-647. 



Book Chapters:


Craig, Scott B., Wynwood, Sarah J., Collet, Trudi A., Weier, Steven, & McKay, David B. (2015) Leptospirosis and Leptospires - The silent assassins. In Sing, Andreas (Ed.) Zoonoses : Infections Affecting Humans & Animals - A Focus on Public Health Aspects. Springer, pp. 849-858. 


Hafner, Louise M., Hickey, Danica K., & Collet, Trudi A. (2014) Immune regulation of Chlamydia trachomatis infections of the female genital tract. In Duc, Guy Huynh Thien (Ed.)Immune Response Activation. INTECH, Rijeka, Croatia, pp. 177-225. 



Conference Abstracts:


Spierings, A and Collet, T.  Wound healing from the outback: novel wound healing therapeutics from native Australian plants. Australasian Wound and Tissue Repair Society meeting. Gold Coast. May 4 - 6, 2014.


Hogan, RC and Collet, TA.  An Australian native plant: a novel antimicrobial for the treatment of MRSA.  Australian Wound Management Association Inc. Science week. Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane. August 16, 2014.






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